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Nature's Protein!

About Us

About Us

About AlmondTopia


Pure. Healthy. Delicious.

AlmondTopia is located in Washington, DC, specializing in fresh and natural almond milk. Other almond-based food products are coming soon. 

Founded in 2018 by kidpreneur, Chase Brown, AlmondTopia offers pure, healthy and delicious almond milk that is good by itself, with your morning coffee/cacao, over your favorite cereal, or in any smoothie.  Packed with vitamins and protein, it’s a perfect start to your day and even better warm when it’s time to say good night. 

Do you like almond milk but want a healthier option? Try AlmondTopia today! You’ll love it!


Currently, only  local deliveries within  the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area 

or fee pickup.

Ordering & Prices

To order, please send an email to


Plain (Unsweetened) $4.00

Plain (Sweetened) $4.00

Vanilla (Sweetened) $5.00

Cold Brew $7.00

***Note: Milk is sweetened with Dates***

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